foster mother and child; selenite sculpture by Gera ter Meulen

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When organizations decide about such important items as the lifelong development of adopted and foster children, it is of paramount importance to be optimally informed. Decisions should be supported by state-of-the-art concepts and scientific knowledge. That is why KnowledgeBureau terMeulen provides “Knowledge as a service”. This service includes a website with information on scientific articles on adoption and foster care. You can find the most recently added articles by clicking 'interesting research'. 
Interesting Research
Next to free services more extensive research or consultation is possible. I focus on scientific research on effects of adoption and foster care. Therefore I make inventories of the international scientific literature and translates the most important research into accessible news items. I use scientific information to answer questions from the field and policy through literature research and from my own research in cooperation with Leiden University. Other activities are presentations and courses.
Formerly I was the coordinator of ADOC, Knowledge Centre for adoption and foster care. When ADOC stopped in 2017, I continued most of the work as KnowledgeBureau terMeulen.

Examples of my research projects are the studies on the wellbeing and needs of adoptees with special needs, the scientific underpinning of a new method on matching of foster children, and the survey on satisfaction with adoption. The research on satisfaction of adult adoptees was commissioned for the EurAdopt Conference on the Relevance of Adoption in 2016. 
Do you attach value to the publications and research of KnowledgeBureau terMeulen? I would highly appreciate your donation, as I cannot do my work without financial support!   

Opinions are cheap, knowledge is expensive!

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